Spiritual Statements

The spiritual mission of Portland Adventist Academy is to minister to the students and staff in a graceful environment and to facilitate their journey to the heart of God.

Christ-centered & Character-driven is more than our motto. It is the umbrella belief that covers and provides direction for all we do. Whether we are influencing the heart for Christ, affecting the head of values and information, or learning to honor each other and respect life,

With Christ at the center, our efforts in character development are focused on the core values of courage, leadership, integrity, curiosity, and concern.

In the character development process, we learn to be responsible citizens and to be accountable to ourselves, each other, and God. It is our desire to make a living example of the golden rule; to honor and respect every human life.

Most importantly, we wish to dispense grace in all things because we are all in process, an unfinished work valued by Christ above all else.

Whether it be in the classroom, in the athletic or music arena, student leadership, social relationships, or worship, we seek to pursue Christ first and His ideals for our lives. We’d love to show you what this looks like in person. Click HERE to request a campus tour or call us at 503.255.8372.