Portland Adventist Academy values curiosity and seeks to motivate life-long learners.

We also recognize that students today need a more enriched and rigorous program to face the competitive world. They have to be able to meet standards for today and the future. That’s why we go above and beyond the standard core requirements.

Mr. Kooy knows how to capture our attention. He’s helped me look at things as not just objects, but so much more that someone put effort in. Everything we have we should appreciate and be glad that we have it.
~ David Cruz
It’s not like any other public school with its enormous classes. You get to know everybody.
~Patrick Knapp
In English we’ve been writing a lot of essays and I’m learning a lot. This class has taught me that writing doesn’t have to be just a hobby, but it could actually be my work someday.
~ Sarah Bailey
The teachers don’t just look at you like any other student. They try to help you and connect with you if you’re having trouble.
~ Daniel Stathem
Our Spanish teacher, Profe, is one of my favorite teachers. She’s awakened in me a passion for learning language and learning other cultures. I think it’s important to understand other cultures so we can learn to love others despite our differences.
~ Jack Blashishin

PAA offers Advanced Placement courses

  • Calculus AB (for dual credit)
  • English Language & Composition
  • English Literature & Composition (for dual credit)
  • Psychology
  • World History
  • U.S. History (for dual credit)

Honors courses

  • Anatomy & Physiology (for dual credit)

Accelerated summer courses with travel

Courses for college credit

  • Introduction to Art History
  • Advanced Media Arts
  • Digital Media Production


For a small school with a student-teacher ratio of just 15 to 1, you’ll find that PAA has a diverse list of electives taught by professionals still very active in their field of work.


PAA has a professional recording studio where students learn hands-on on industry standard software.

  • Guitar
  • Music Theory
  • Performance & Production


In our Art courses students learn the history and fundamentals of a variety of art forms. They have the opportunity to design and create with PAA’s 3D software and printer. They use professional equipment as they develop skills in photography, graphic design, and videography. These skills are taught by teachers like Mark Kooy, a professional artist and designer and Dimitra Weinstein, a professional photographer turned teacher.

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Students can also learn the lost art of repairing and maintaining vehicles. Our auto mechanics class, taught by a professional auto technician, gives students practical skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Our most recently added electives, Speech & Debate and Media & Persuasion, are courses designed to both challenge students to think more analytically and speak with more confidence in public.