Mr. Kooy knows how to capture our attention. He’s helped me look at things as not just objects, but so much more that someone put effort in. Everything we have we should appreciate and be glad that we have it.
~ David Cruz
The thing I like about pottery is getting messy. It takes a lot of practice and effort and can be frustrating because it’s easier to fail than accomplish something. Once you fail you can’t fix it. It’s a restart button. But failing is how you learn.
~ David Cruz

At Portland Adventist Academy, students are encouraged to explore the creative process through a variety of art forms.

Mark Kooy and Dimitra Weinstein, respected artists in their fields, teach PAA art students skills and traits that will be relevant in every class, field, and discipline. This includes working collaboratively, thinking independently, articulating opinions, critiquing constructively, researching effectively, developing their own voice, creative problem-solving, and building self-confidence and respect as they discover and develop their unique strengths.

Most importantly, Mr. Kooy and Mrs. Weinstein help students discover a sense of wonder, appreciation, curiosity, and imagination about the world surrounding us as well as a sincere appreciation and respect for their Divine Creator.

Foundations of Media Arts and Advanced Media Arts

In my classes you’ll spend a lot of time learning about photography. You’ll also learn about digital filmmaking & video, as well as the fundamentals of graphic design and digital illustration. You will discover these fundamentals with tools like DSLR cameras, Mac computers, and image editing & creation software. You’ll learn to use these tools to create art and capture subjects and objects around you in interesting and inspiring ways. ~Dimitra Weinstein

Foundations of Visual Arts & Advanced Visual Arts

In my classes, you’ll discover light, space, and motion. You will explore how the principles of a creative process can guide your decisions as a creator. You’ll learn how how light, space and motion interact with line shape and form and how to apply them. You will explore both two dimensional and three dimensional art forms using traditional and contemporary tools, materials and techniques. ~Mark Kooy