Portland Adventist Academy has a rich and successful history of music. Students of all levels are encouraged and welcome to experience its gift.

Students can participate in Concert Band, Alegria, Choir, the Portland Adventist String Orchestra, and OPUS for beginners. They can challenge themselves through Performance & Production classes. They can also grow their experiences in Hand Bells, the Gospel Choir Club, or join by joining a PAA Worship Band.

All year long students in Concert Band, Choir, Alegria, Hand Bells, and String Orchestra  prepare diligently for the annual spring music tour when they travel to places like San Francisco and Vancouver, British Columbia. While on tour, students perform at churches, schools, and special events. They also have the opportunity to snowboard at Whistler, picnic at the Golden Gate Bridge or spot a Canadian black bear in the wild. Nearly half the student body participates in music, emphasizing its value and worth.


Our Guitar & Theory, and Performance & Production students  learn from young alumnus, Jeremy Long,  a student of Tim Ellis. In these courses, students grow in their music abilities and potentially move on to demonstrate their growth in our professional recording studio, where they learn to engineer sound as professionals. Long  helps students learn more than an instrument alone. His goal is to raise true musicians.


The Portland Adventist String Orchestra provides musical opportunities for serious and committed young musicians in our school and community. Students gain valuable experience and mentorship during their rehearsals and later take joy in the thrill of performing with world known soloists.


OPUS is a club for string musicians who are still learning and developing their skills. Students learn to play  in a group setting so they may more easily move on to PASO when they are ready.


The Gospel Choir club offers students a chance to learn a unique singing style and praise God through cultural history. Drechelle McCray, also a gifted English teacher at PAA, shares her talent, passion, and love of Christ through music with these young singers.