Explore  .  Engage  .  Transform

We strive to teach beyond the book, beyond the test, and beyond the classroom;
to help our students explore the world, engage positively with others;
to transform their characters and walks with Christ;
and to take this journey BeyondPAA.

BeyondPAA is an opportunity.
It is the opportunity to strengthen a student’s character and walk with Christ BeyondPAA.

BeyondPAA includes events like global and local mission trips, local service projects, class wilderness excursions and leadership challenges, Bible camp, music tours, and many spiritual events led by both students and adults.

Mission Trips
Fiji  .  Because People Matter – Portland  .  Cuba

Education Trips

Summer 2019 – East Coast Historical Sites
a U.S. History Class & Tour

Spring 2019 – France & Italy
a Spiritual & Faith-Based Journey

Supporting BeyondPAA
This year, 185 students wanted to attend Bible Camp. Not every family could afford the $190 per student. Through the love and generosity of our community, many gifts were made to make sure all 185 students could attend. Spiritual friendships were strengthened, spiritual wisdom was gained, and young lives were transformed. It is these gifts that ensure our students the life-changing experiences BeyondPAA.

Make Your Life-Changing Gift Here

Mission of BeyondPAA

  1. To explore other cultures while participating in activities that will help students to see the relevance of being God’s hands and feet.
  2. To provide adequate time for students to engage with God and reflect upon His activity in the world around us and how we can be part of what He is doing.
  3. To encourage students to engage with whom they come in contact – learning about them, about their world, and about their unique perspectives on living.
  4. To develop a broad array of intercultural learning and development experiences that will allow students to develop their unique gifts and abilities and to learn how those gifts and abilities can be used to make the world a better place.
  5. To produce young people whose perspectives have been transformed and who have developed greater cultural sensitivity, a sense of purpose, and a vision for how they are uniquely gifted to serve others.
  6. To transform culture with the message of Jesus being delivered by people who make loving people the center of their mission.


  • We offer a variety of options for students to participate in throughout the year and summer through mission, educational, musical, and recreational activities and events.
  • At the beginning of each school year, we hold an informational meeting to present the options and give families time to pray, consider, and select options for their student to participate in.
  • We do our best to streamline paperwork and process so that things are easy to understand and there is minimal duplication.

Things you can be assured of

  • Event and project locations as well as student safety are considered carefully.
  • Adequate supervision and professional leadership is in place.
  • Good food and water is always available.
  • Medical professionals are quickly accessible for minor issues and emergency plans are in place for a crisis.
  • Students are “stretched” carefully and under supervision.
  • Each trip has specific goals that will all be relevant to the BeyondPAA mission and vision.