updated 1.6.21

URGENT GOAL:  $95,000
REMAINING: $11,275


Multiple leaks have developed across the gym roof, threatening the wood floors, chapel, a classroom, and the kitchen and lunch room, too. Read  the PAA board’s official statement and call to action.

Ted Mackett, PAA Board Chairman, says this matter is urgent.

“Temporary patches have not worked to deal with the problem,” says Mackett.” A new roof is our only choice to correct the leaks that threaten the gymnasium floor. Buckets and catchment basins are in place at this time to protect the floor. A number of bids for the repair work have been received ranging from $61,000 to $130,000. The school board has reviewed and discussed them and a decision has been made. So we are launching a campaign to raise $95,000 as quickly as possible.”

DONATE  NOW  to  the  $95,000  GOAL

It’s Been Covering us for Decades 

The gym roof is massive. It covers our chapel, the music recording studio, a classroom, the kitchen and dining area and, of course, two basketball courts and the stage.

But beyond those spaces, it’s what happens in those places that the roof is really covering! 

Week of Worship

Alumni Weekends
Agape Feast
Flower Vespers
Spring Concerts
SA Spirit Days
Academy Days
Awards Ceremonies
Birthday Songs
Drama Performances
Banquets & Banquet Invitations

Friendship Tournaments
Future Cougar Camps 
Adventist Basketball League
and, of course,
JV and Varsity Basketball and Volleyball!

Every one of these beloved events is “covered” by our benevolent gym roof.

And with them, our dreams and hopes and drills, spills, and thrills!
Our biggest losses and greatest wins.
Our most special memories and moments.
They belong to all of us.


. . . we are students, alumni, parents, grandparents, friends & family.


. . .  we built life-long relationships and memories of a lifetime.


 . . . we show up to support and cover future generations under this roof. 


. . . we can RENEW the ROOF and cover future PAA students and families for decades to come! More memories! More life-long relationships!

Goal: $95,000

When you contribute to RENEW the ROOF, you’ll be a part of covering future generations and promising more lifelong memories. Memories like these!