I have students in my classroom from an array of faith backgrounds. Because of this I teach and model a deep respect for individual students and their beliefs - even when they differ from my own. The result is that we learn from each other and our experience of Christ and his grace is broadened, deepened, and clarified.
~ Pastor Stephen Lundquist, Religion
The Fiji mission trip was one of the best experiences of my life. The best things about mission trips are that you build a relationship with someone in another country but it also builds your relationship with God.
~ Sarah Bailey
The Hurricane mission trip opened a new door for me. I learned it’s not just about material things- it’s not about the clothes and food. It’s about those people knowing we are willing to help them and hear them.
~ Lindsey Kim
Vespers is personal and intimate. It’s a place to share yourself and discuss important stuff. The best part is that you feel listened to and not judged.
~ Trent Torkelson


Every Tuesday our students and staff gather for worship. This weekly worship event allows for us to deal with some of the larger spiritual questions that young people ask. While attendance is required, you’ll find our students eager to be there because so many are highly involved in the planning and programming. It’s awesome to see students leading worship music each week and, many times, hearing them speak from their hearts about their walk with God. We’re also blessed to have many youth pastors speak and from time to time professional speakers like Holocaust survivor, Alter Weiner; former Giants pitcher, Dave Dravekcy; and Youtube sensation offering hope in Jesus, Nic Vujicic.

Community Vespers

About two Friday evenings a month, our Campus Ministries team plans an event for students to gather in a family home or here at school for a time of worship and friendship. These informal gatherings are a great place for students to simply “be together.” They usually involve refreshments, singing, and small group discussion. In the spring we hold a reverent Agape Feast. And at the end of the school year, our students enjoy the very special tradition of Flower Vespers, in which they can give thanks for, confess to, and forgive each other. Specific information about times and locations will be available in the Student Week at a Glance (SWAAG) sent each week. Attendance is always optional.

The Summit

Four times each year PAA provides a Sabbath worship service on campus called The Summit. The intent of the service is to bring our PAA family (and families) together to express our love for God as a community. The service is mostly student led as it gives them the opportunity to share their love for God with their friends. Summits are scheduled later Sabbath morning. Refreshments begin at 11:07am and worship starts at 11:27. It is our hope that students who wish to attend Sabbath School or an earlier service in their home church will be able to do so and still make it to PAA for The Summit.

Oregon Conference Bible Camp

The Oregon Conference Bible Camp happens the first month of school. This is a yearly event sponsored by the Youth Ministries Department of the Oregon Conference of SDA. Over 400 High School students from around Oregon and Washington gather to join in worship, recreation, and general fun. Washington Family Ranch – Creekside, is an incredible camp featuring swimming pools, adventure courses, mini-golf, bouldering walls, a gymnasium and a huge water park. Each morning and evening includes a worship with great music and a special speaker. Over the years students have often said this was one of the highlights of their year. While this event does cost, we are fortunate to have a few donors who really believe in this program. It is their hope and ours that no student would be left behind because of the cost.


Week of Worship

Each season we have a special week of spiritual emphasis. During these weeks there is a chapel each day. In the fall and spring we bring a special speaker to lead out in chapels while students plan the rest of the program. In the winter, we have a fully student-led week of prayer, complete with a couple of student speakers each day. These are very important weeks in our school calendar and we thank you for praying that God will speak to the hearts of our young people through them.

Mission Trips

Each spring (and sometimes summer) a number of mission opportunities are offered for students who want to spend all or a portion of their spring break or summer serving others. Details are being put together for the trips this school year.

Inside-Out Community Service Day

Every spring, all of our students and staff participate in an area wide service day called Inside/Out. We work hard to find meaningful projects that students can not only work on, but learn from. They learn about organizations and groups in our community that are feeding the hungry, caring for orphans, and helping to heal the sick. Inside/Out is a great change of pace during the stress of the final days of school. And it’s a great reminder of how important it is to see our own home as a mission ground.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes. The one thing we don’t want is to have so many adults that the young people feel they are outnumbered. It’s best to ask your students if they think it is an event that parents will be at. We strongly encourage parents attend Community Vespers and The Summit with their students and friends.

Absolutely. Let me count the ways … Here are some ideas:

  1. Youth love snacks … if you would like to provide snacks for an event it would be a tremendous blessing to all of us!
  2. Be a sponsor – some activities like Bible Camp, Mission Trips, and Community Service projects – need more sponsor help than our PAA staff is able to provide. Your assistance could make the difference in whether or not we can successfully accomplish our goals.
  3. Fund Raising – there will always be great kids who want to participate but do not have the cash available in their families to make that possible. Your assistance through donated dollars or help in fund raising projects could make the difference for that student.
  4. Prayer – my hope is that our students will become more aware of God’s presence in their lives through these activities and programs. Your prayer support in that goal opens up greater potential for the Holy Spirit to be active. It is needed!

In addition to handing out forms to our students, they are always available at the front desk. For special events, like mission trips, you may need to speak with your group leader. We’ll also do our best to make them available online, when it’s appropriate.


Contact Me

Please feel free to contact me at any time to ask questions or offer advice. I am here to love kids and help them to become aware of a very loving God who has awesome plans for their lives. I can be reached through email at mthompson@paasda.org phone 503-255-8372 ext. 254.


Pastor Mackenzie